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What is the difference between a business ecosystem and a blockchain ecosystem?

It's simple.

A business ecosystem is designed to give the most value to the owner. A blockchain ecosystem allows each and every member to extract value. The human identity the most valuable bit of data since the start of the internet. Here in the 10X Health Marketplace we value the human identity all while giving the greatest entreprenual opportunities to you.

We found the best platform provider out there at CrowdPoint Technologies, we are a platform provider and our whole ethos in the company is  around our vision of protecting the human identity in the future and the way we figured out how to do that is the creation of a Blockchain Ecosystem. The 10x Health Marketplace is a pioneer in this space by building its small business

Now, a Blockchain ecosystem is different than a business ecosystem because Amazon and Google build business ecosystems but their job is to extract as much value out of the platform. They build their customers and their partners where they make the most profit and everybody has left wanting.

In a Blockchain ecosystem, what you put into it is what you get out of it. So Crwdpoint put in and configured our Blockchain ecosystem to basically solve a major problem that was data sharing. So what happens is the way our Blockchain ecosystem works is you claim your identity and it's put on a Blockchain for it, so it's secured. Once it's put on a Blockchain that's a decentralized database that allows you to basically earn passive income from your identity used in e-commerce and online transactions.

When you take those earnings in the form of tokens, they're then put into different marketplaces around the world, they're put into a wallet and in that wallet, you can take those earnings and you can go back and buy more things in a market or you can invest them in our finance portals.

So what we've done is to set up this Blockchain ecosystem system to support those roles, we built Crwd I.D. That's where you are able to claim your identity and stored it on the Blockchain.

Then you're able to use your identity to purchase things are marketplaces around the world and get passive income from your data and when you want to repurpose that data into real value those that do data that you used is stored as tokens and credits inside a wallet and Crwdcapital.

And then you're able to use that wallet and crowd capital to connect it to a bank.
So you can put it in your long-term savings or you can invest in our Crwdfinance which is a listing of companies that are raising capital.

To be able to get your own value from the new economy. Join 10X today buy pressing the button below. 


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