Insufficient Security Levels Make Iot Devices Susceptible To Cyber Attacks 

Cyber attacks on IoT devices have already surged into the billions. As IoT becomes mainstream, it lacks universal standards which increase the complexity. As smart device use soars, so does the risk of being watched, tracked, and hacked.
With the explosion in IoT devices, a huge amount of personal data is being gathered that will be in breach of sovereign privacy legislation. There are also security threats that users face when using IoT devices in retail. Over 84 percent of organizations use IoT devices. However, less than 50% have taken solid security measures against cyber-attacks. Gain peace of mind by installing a next-generation cyber protection suite. 

Why is VRAI technology unique? 

Our mission is to unite Consumers and Small and Midsize Businesses with this award-winning suite that Privatizes your Personal Data, Protects your Devices and Network Perimeter all while Optimizing computer Speed and Performance. We are making cybersecurity automatic. From the moment you plug in your network security device Fido, our cloud-based protective services go to work on your behalf. We offer a standard version for single locations and a distributed version for businesses or enterprises with multiple locations, employees, and networks. 

Why do I want to be a tech reseller of VRAI?

I am a Microprenuer since I first started running a very small company. This allows me to lead a balanced lifestyle while pursuing the products I am passionate about. I am a Reseller of wonderful products. one of them is the VRAI software.
This a VRAI Technology (French adjective; true, trust) dwarfs its competitors with its holistic approach and is sealed with TRUST by providing the end-user with a unique Decentralized ID (DID). 

This should not be sold as anti-virus software. This is the digital equivalent of a home security system that also has anti-virus capabilities. 

Final words.

Our mission is to combine technological advances and scientific research with highly efficacious cyber protection modalities to:

      • Protect the autonomy of the individual
      • Defend their sovereignty from Surveillance Capitalism and cyber attacks.
      • Empower the IoT network for homes and small and medium-sized businesses with Next-Gen software to prevent them from being victimized again!


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