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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

It started as a small seed…

CrowdPoint Technologies is a new company founded by “amazing people” that use their proprietary blockchain technology to ensure safety and security online.

Hmmm….that’s interesting. I don’t like ads popping up related to what I just googled or worrying if this site is secure to browse.

That seed took root…

Then I found out that they were opening an online website offering high-quality, all-natural healthcare products vetted by people, even doctors! The Advanced Medicine Exchange. And it would be a secure place to shop. Wow!

After struggling with my health for many years, I have high respect for all-natural healthcare options.

That seed sprouted…

Did I mention they want ordinary people (like you and me) to become distributors, resellers, and technicians? To train us, so we become successful—a chance for the little guy.

That sprout sprung…

The CrowdPoint Team roots for the underdog, helps small businesses thrive, and truly cares about the integrity of these products, all while ensuring OUR IDENTITY IS SAFE AND SECURE!

I’m in!

It budded…

Now CrowdPoint has even more to offer! That bud… is blooming!

This is the reason why I joined CrowdPoint Technologies, and I am grateful that seed was planted.

Click the link below and find your reason for joining us.



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