Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

A Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World 

I saw Dr. Buttar for the first time back in 2014 and got struck by his straightforwardness. His belief in the healing powers of the organism. I am convinced that we can heal from anything. What created us can also heal us. That’s why I continued to follow him on social media. Recently, I jumped on board quickly when he announced an offer to join him and the TAP community. Because it felt right in my heart and it resonates with what I have been asking the Universe for. Dr. Buttar opened the possibility for me and all the other 1000 TAP members to join CrowdPoint.

And here I am! Together with a group of good-hearted people who want to change the world. We want to change the well-being of our fellow humans and we feel strongly about truth and personal data protection. And that’s what CrowdPoint offers. Protected personal privacy as we use the internet in our everyday life. 

It’s built on Blockchain technology to protect you as a User, Customer, Reseller, Distributor, or Technician. 

To own your rights of all the information that is yours on the Global Network. 


I came here because of my passion for personal health and my belief in our incredible immune system. We can assist our well-being in different ways and there are some great products made, by the intervention of human compassion and Mother Earth. 

I am delighted to assist you. As a shop owner, and also as a part of The Advanced Medicine Marketplace.

I welcome you to see the vetted products here, hand-picked from small dedicated producers. 

I can also help you if you like to be a part of this genuine company called CrowdPoint.

This is the future of safety and safe shopping. Encouragement of abundance and health together with the possibility to make some extra income. Click the link and see what the possibilities are for you.

Welcome to join us!


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