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There are moments in History when the action of one or the few can impact many.  There is a point in time that is pivotal.  It is when the first person stands up, makes a move that is so timely that the next person joins the first, then a third joins the second and on and on until the entire Crowd follows.

The Big Idea Behind CrowdPoint.

As I have said in a previous Blog:  "In a world full of tumultuous opinions and outspoken viewpoints, it’s never been more critical or timely than this moment to master the voice from within. You must jealously hold close to your self-worth and inner voice."


 Suppose the current Web 3.0 digital revolution is characterized as a fusion of technologies that blurs the lines.  What if the real movement are the Human Identities behind it. In that case, it should also be transformative in how the Human Identity is emancipated from the current iidentity slave trade is happening today.  Just like you, the data behind and about you matters.

CrowdPoint's charter is to empower your identity, as in who you are on Web 3.0.  Its charter is to empower you in commerce, in your investments and  if you are a member of a small and medium businesses.   We are your trusted agent.  We harness the power of Big Data, A.I., Compaction, and Blockchain technologies to build a platform that will help you to participate in a Blockchain Ecosystem.

The good news is that four unique technologies will lead to a better version fourth industrial revolution when in the right hands.

Combining these four technologies makes up the necessary technological ingredients to create digital platforms operating in an emerging technological ecosystem.

Today, the convergence of several technology megatrends is working together in a rare and unique singularity.

Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Compaction technologies combined with a distributed ledger will assist business decision-makers in contributing to the emerging sharing economy.

When integrated correctly, these technologies will usher in radically new business models.

If you want to learn more . . . I will explain how in the next 2 minutes.

Each one of these technologies plays a unique role in their common cause for a better global economy:

Big data analytics uses advanced analytic techniques against vast, diverse big data sets.

These data sets include all kinds of data structures from different sources and various sizes, from terabytes to zettabytes.

Analytics helps to refine raw data and creates value. Analytics create information. Information is data with value: The Human Identity is data with value, and YOU power today's global commerce.

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is the ability of software and hardware technologies to mimic human behavior. This programming enables computers to do things that are considered attributes of intelligence: processing language, understanding pictures, detecting patterns, etc.

Compaction technology enables bytes of data to be tightly packed together. This data is represented as a codebook pattern that is much smaller and can be randomly accessed at 400X compression speed.

Compaction provides more security because a cipher codeword protects the pattern while increasing the capacity of a block of data.

The fourth technology is the ability to distribute data cipher hashes and distribute them while housing transactions. A new kind of digital ledger allows for a series of records to be housed in an orderly cyber list that is continually expanding and changing. Each record, referred to as a block, is essentially a one-megabyte cube that contains a unique digital time stamp.

These disparate yet complementary technologies synergistically fuse to create new kinds of future digital platforms acting as sovereign islands in a sea of an untrusted world.

These future digital platforms are extremely smart, fully autonomous, hyper-connected, fully decentralized, and very broad-based.

What do we call the future digital platform? If I still have you and you are following this conversation - let me grab your attention again to go deeper down this digital rabbit hole.

An example of this digital platform is called a Blockchain Ecosystem. An ecosystem is extremely smart, fully autonomous, hyper-connected, integrated horizontally and vertically while remaining fully decentralized and broad-based.

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Compaction, and Blockchain technologies can power a Blockchain ecosystem to assist business decision-makers.

When horizontally and vertically connected, Blockchain Echanges will become interconnected nodes in a Blockchain Ecosystem.

A Blockchain Ecosystem is the foundation of a sharing economy that is not controlled or overseen by any country or government. The emerging sharing economy will use these technologies to facilitate exchanging goods or services between two or more parties within an ecosystem.
This ecosystem is designed so that all can share value from an under-utilized skill or asset.

A Blockchain Ecosystem requires participants to think about business challenges in a new way. Bringing a traditional focus on maximizing profits within the company's boundaries may be the very thing that keeps companies from engaging and succeeding with participation in an ecosystem.

A new kind of marketplace is emerging. A Blockchain Ecosystem allows participants to deliver products or services that they would otherwise not have the technological capabilities to provide on their own, nor the end customer.

A Blockchain Ecosystem is able to leverage the sharing of customers from one Exchange into another - bypassing ad words, search engine optimation, and voodo algorithms to drive traffic.

Members of a Blockchain Ecosystem have a new mindset that allows its members to move beyond what's traditionally possible for them within the confines of their own internally integrated operations.

A Blockchain Ecosystem redefines crowdsourcing beyond the existing dynamic limitations of a traditional supply-chain network.

A Blockchain Ecosystem will empower the Human Identity to be unleashed and allow YOU to race ahead in your thinking about the radically new business models emerging today. Most importantly, a Blockchain Ecosystem will help small and midsize business owners in implementing them.

Combining these technologies into a cohesive strategy means that there has never been a better time for Entrepreneurs, Small Cap, and Mid Cap companies to surge beyond large enterprise organizations.

A Blockchain Ecosystem will enable integration across traditional business boundaries.

Welcome to a better version of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Viva la revolucíon!

Many large corporations and financial services, and others will be left behind.

Enterprise organizations, burdened by long budget cycles and current technology investments, will struggle to understand the new environment they will eventually be doing business in.

The Blockchain, along with these kinds of technologies, is leading the fourth industrial revolution.

Combining these four technologies that make up the necessary technological ingredients to create new kinds of businesses operating in an emerging Blockchain Ecosystem is not easy.. Correctly implemented, this kind of Web 3.0 decentralized platform will spawn radical automation and democratization of entrepreneurialism.

These Exchanges powered by the Blockchain are where the integration of value chains between businesses, customers, manufacturers, suppliers, and raw materials will enable entrepreneurial minds to become more efficient.

In the next section, we will connect the dots and show you how . . .

From customer to the raw material provider, each participant in aBlockchain Ecosystem will easily, securely, autonomously, transparently, traceably, and quickly share data. Each participant is a node in a Blockchain Ecosystem. The platform technologies ensure that nodes within the Blockchain interconnect machines or humans. Each will contribute value to build information on top of the Human Identity.  Your buying habits are stored as a Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT.

To understand an NFT, let's first explain Fungibility.

Fungibility is the ability of a good or asset to be readily interchanged for another of like kind. Human identity is not interchangeable, nor are unique buying habits because an Ideal Customer profile has uniquely semantic, thematic, temporal, and spatial attributes.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, or Blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. The Human Identity is intricately unique.

Today, Big Technology Companies freely exchange the Human Identity using surveillance capitalism to create a human identity slave trade.

Non Fungible tokens will play a vital role in the coming better version of an industrial revolution as convergence in communications, trust, and auditing functions are enhanced by the Blockchain. But this is only a part of the picture.

Combining these technologies to create NFTs that describe your buying habits on blockchain-enabled applications redefines the very financial markets we operate within today. This radical decentralization and automation will have an extreme effect on business models, making them too different for conducting "business as usual."

The Blockchain Ecosystem will enable the rapid adoption of new kinds of online and onsite Exchanges as an evolved marketplace accessible through wallets within mobile apps.

Using horizontal and vertical integration, entry to one Exchange is automatic entry into a family of exchanges.

This integration not only facilitates a distributed ad campaign without the need for Google searches or Adwords, but it also allows for risk reduction in the market. Horizontal and vertical integration enables the integration of Exchange Trading Funds that help forecast the value of human identity and hedge volatility.

Horizontal and vertical integration capitalizes on concepts like the theory of constraints management paradigm.

Now optimization is embedded as ledgers. These ledgers will ensure that a Blockchain managed ecosystem will create an environment that surpasses traditional supply chains.

Big Data Analytics will help identify issues, and A.I. will systematically improve efficiency by removing the constraint.

A.I. will leverage Hamiltonian-like equations for optimization until the constraint is no longer the limiting factor. Applying the theory of constraints on the Blockchain will rapidly and at blinding speeds identify the most important limiting factor and constraint.

In the Cycle Time = Process Time + Queue Time equation, the processing time is the velocity of the Blockchain, and queue time constraints and wasted time are removed.

In short, the Blockchain Ecosystem will surface and remove bottlenecks. Now, supply chains are not held hostage to the few traditional constraints that massively reduce profitability and hinder velocity.

Instead, less sophisticated small businesses run on optimized processes and constraint removed supply chains that yield better cycle time and visibility.

With Blockchain-powered Micro exchanges doing microtransactions with micro entrepreneurial-minded participants, traditional business verticals will blur as the silos between industries come down.

The Blockchain Ecosystem has the opportunity to massively benefit the Entrepreneurial and more agile small to medium businesses.

The newfound agility from the Blockchain will enable small businesses to coopt Wall Street Capability apply Main Street practicality. This speed to market will help many Entrepreneurs surpass current Enterprise overlords.

Some industries will do a better job than others in preparing for the decentralized future. Membership in a Blockchain Ecosystem will help its members leapfrog over traditional slow-moving Enterprise competitors.

Sector based applications will vertically connect to an Exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to the Global Industry Classification Standard. The GICS is an industry taxonomy developed by MSCI and Standard & Poor's for the global financial community. The GICS structure consists of 11 sectors, 24 industry groups, 69 industries, and 158 sub-industries.

A Blockchain Ecosystem and its ETFs reuse the very framework that the S&P has categorized all major public companies for Blockchain-powered entrepreneurs.

This framework will create a kind of perceived normalization and institutionalization necessary to attract mass adoption.

Transactions from a Blockchain Ecosystem are moved up vertically into an ETF where they are traded as futures. The price of an ETF's futures will change throughout the trading day as the NFT traverses through a sales cycle and is bought and sold on the market.

These ETFs provide a more cost-effective and more liquid experience for members of the ecosystem. Others may want to participate in a new kind of Blockchain mutual fund.

The Blockchain Ecosystem leveraging these technologies and concepts will be open to all. No proprietary market platform that adds cost and friction but opportunity building. With Blockchain, Exchanges will become a new kind of market platform collectively owned by the participants.

The last one minute summarizes what could have been said upfront, but it would have sounded too opaque, so let's remove the tech speak, quantum physics, and MBA jargon; let's use an example of how the Blockchain Ecosystem can benefit you directly.

Let's summarize how you, the entrepreneur, small business owner, or mid-cap company will win:

For example, a highly entrepreneurial environment is Real Estate. Imagine a horizontal and vertical, blockchain-based real estate ecosystem.

Now everyone is part of a fully integrated value chain. All the products and services around selling, buying, moving in, or out of a home are digitally integrated: Into a single, open, horizontally, and vertically integrated Exchange.

This blockchain enabled interaction will include everything from the mortgage application and acceptance to the title registry. It will consist of securing building and renovation permits. Now, tax assessment and payment and arranging for the moving company to show up on time. Hooking up the telephone and internet and engaging the landscaper is more accessible and less time-consuming.

The horizontal Blockchain has immense value for home buyers and sellers. Instead of dealing with vendors who do not know anything about what the others are doing, all that changes with an Exchange.

Now, with Blockchain and smart contracts, everything can be digitally contracted for and coordinated in a single space. More importantly, the deal flow transactions can be monitored and reported by the industry sector vertically for exchange trading funds to help reduce volatility.

In summary, the Blockchain, when combined with Big Data Analytics, A.I., and Compaction technologies, will create new market exchange platforms with better business models that leverage integration.

All participants have become connected. No longer a hub and spoke model with industry bias and business silos.

A Blockchain Ecosystem will enable large, disparate groups of market participants to communicate, collaborate and – most importantly – safely transact with each other. In a blockchain ecosystem-powered Exchange, all participants observe the market's entire state at any time instead of in a proprietary platform. Only the platform owner has the complete overview.

Now that you have seen where the market is going, are you going to skate where the puck is, or where it will be?

To help you on this Blockchain journey, we are also going to provide a complete online learning certificate program to become a participant in a Blockchain Ecosystem.


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