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I’ve been a pediatric nurse practitioner for fifteen years. If you would have told me six months ago that I would create a successful side business as a healthcare entrepreneur, I would have laughed! But then a friend of mine told me about 10X HEALTH… Sure enough, six months later, I am running my own small business helping people live healthier lives!
The process was so incredibly streamlined. The 10X HEALTH Team provided all the information and startup materials and held my hand from start to finish.
My favorite 10X HEALTH product is Gene Testing, and the personalized health optimization roadmap we generate for my clients.  Because all of our bodies are different, I am able to help them tailor a science-based, nutritional, and supplements plan for my client's unique DNA makeup. The results have been incredible, and it is incredibly rewarding when we can help a condition a client has had for years and provide relief.
The best part is I can manage my new business on my own time! I can continue to do what I love and also create the perfect lifestyle for my family. You join can me and other 10X HEALTH affiliates by clicking here. If you want to learn more about 10X HEALTH Gene testing and the benefits it can have click the button below.



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