When I became a mom, I wanted my son to achieve great things and get a head-start on his academics. I bought an iPad so I could download apps to help him begin reading at an early age. I was a sucker for all those commercials aimed at parents wanting their kids to get hooked on phonics. But as my son swiped and clicked and stayed glued to his iPad, I rustled with the question, “Is all this screen time really good for him?”

Answering that question led me to read books and studies on the effects of screen time in early childhood. What I found worried me. Then I started working for a cybersecurity company. I saw first-hand the dark side of the Internet and how easy it is for criminals to gain access to our precious children.

These experiences sparked my mission to help parents protect kids from dangers online. My approach is straight-forward and common sense. I talk to you parent-to-parent, about dangers online and how to talk to your kids about these important issues. I believe we cannot do this alone. We must support each other as a community to keep our families safer online.


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