Get "more voices."  Those words repeated in my brain until I could not sleep. It was the same voice that saved my life. Now it inspired me to save thousands more. I was trafficked by immediate and some extended family members from 6 months to 17 years old. My birth mother was the primary perpetrator of evil in my life. I was five years old when I begged God to let me die.

As I sat on the curb of my house waiting for a car to come so I could jump in front of it, I looked up into the big blue sky. I wondered, Who made it? Did someone bigger than the people hurting me exist? I heard a clear, gentle voice say, "This is not the plan I have for you." My heart listened intently. It was God's voice. He knew why I was on that curb.

I chose to live to help others live. My birth mother's last attempt to kill me was at 17. I speak for every exploited child whose voice has been brutally silenced. It is God's voice in me that leads one of the greatest human rights movement today: ending human trafficking.


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