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Small and medium businesses are appealing targets for cybercriminals because they generally lack the cybersecurity measures of larger organizations. The consequences of those attacks can be devastating, from lost efficiency, lost reputation, or even closing your business. Hackers are attracted to sensitive customer data, payment information, and financial transactions. Virtually everything, after all, has become digital. All sensitive information is stored on computers today. Banks and credit card accounts are accessed online, as is the financial information of small and big businesses. Most small business owners believe their business is too small for hackers to worry about and don't have big data for cybercriminals to even consider breaching. They also don't realize that cyberattacks on big businesses will be more noticeable to the law and police. So targetting small businesses is a more attractive option for criminals due to low-end cybersecurity protection.

Fortunately, you don't need to spend millions on cybersecurity like Amazon or Walmart because enterprise-level and affordable cybersecurity & privacy is now available to you, your family, and your small business. Yes! Enterprise-level cybersecurity thanks to the Cyber Privacy Marketplace and the ability of tech retailers to be accessible now to the masses via CMP.

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