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Although efficient and convenient, today's smart devices have made us more vulnerable to unwanted surveillance and cyber attacks than ever before. Google "smart devices hacked," and you'll find many horrifying stories.

Many of us use a litany of gadgets daily, including iPhones, iPads, smart TVs, home security systems with cameras, printers, smart speakers, wearables, smart appliances, thermostats, and even baby monitors, but at what expense?

With the average US household using 17 smart devices and the European home using 14, that's quite a number of entry points for online thieves to record your usage and habits and gather personal data and passwords. The most popular items used to hack into homes and businesses are internet-connected security cameras, which comprise 47% of these vulnerable devices. The cheaper the camera, the more susceptible it is since its security software is not state-of-the-art and allows even the most inexperienced hacker to gain access.

So what's the answer to this modern-day dilemma? Well, we must keep the software in our devices up to date and use strong passwords and two-step authentication whenever available. These steps will help, but that's quite a chore with 14 or 17 devices in the average household. It takes only one missing device to compromise your entire network and your family's safety.

Unfortunately, popular anti-virus software is not the answer for these scenarios.

Today's Cyber Security professionals now recommend Cyber Protection Software.

After much research and due diligence, I discovered "VRAI Anyware," an Award-Winning Privacy, Performance & Protection Technology for Identity, Devices, and Networks. I decided to become a tech retailer selling this enterprise-level software.

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