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Vitamin D-3 is one of the most important vitamins and hormones in the entire human body. In fact, vitamin D-3 is the only vitamin that the human body truly synthesizes. This vitamin is synthesized from cholesterol and sunlight and is an important cellular function that we are able to do  without actually ingesting. Vitamin D-3 also acts like a hormone in nearly every cell in the human body, which have a receptor site for this vitamin-hormone. Low levels of vitamin D-3 are extraordinarily common worldwide.  

It’s estimated that almost 50% of the population in the United States is deficient in vitamin D-3. Specifically, cholecalciferol is the more active form of this vitamin. Guidelines for supplementation tend to be all over the place. A general rule for daily supplement taken in an adult male or female with vitamin D-3 is 5000 Units of vitamin D-3 daily. 

Vitamin D-3 also plays an important role in calcium transportation. To ensure that vitamin -D3 transports calcium and makes a deposition of calcium into the bone, vitamin D-3 should be taken with vitamin K2. The ratio vitamin D-3 to K2 is 5000 units of vitamin D 32 100 µg of K2. K2 is a vitamin that directs the calcium deposition into the bone rather than into the arterial wall.

The symptoms of low vitamin D-3 are muscle and joint aches, especially in the morning. Poor sleep, poor response to healing and recovering from exercise, and stiffness and aching as upon waking and beginning to move, first thing in the morning. Most of us are not getting enough sunlight supply, adequate levels of vitamin D-3, which is why Streamline Medical Group supplements patients with Pharmaceutical grade vitamin D-3 and most of our nutrient and wellness regimens.



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