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The Interactive Media Marketplace on the Communications Exchange


The Interactive Media Marketplace provides a platform for people just like you that are passionate about all things Interactive. From video games to movies, to online art to NFTs.
This Marketplace is designed to take small and medium businesses to cooperate in a new concept called dCommerce. Each participant can post their product but retain their own identity.
When you choose to purchase, know that your blockchain transaction is backed by CBEX. It promotes the value transparently so that investors, distributors, resellers, and consumers can track the open and transparent commerce. Open, honest, stable markets. The advantages of the Blockchain are:


Decentralized - No Central Authority

Members don't have to put trust in a central authority. · No single point of failure. · Less censorship


Transparency - Safeguards Truth

Stored information cannot be altered without recording the changes made.


Immutability - Unchangeable Simplicity

Efficient irreversible ledger for ground truth. All transactions are stored forever.


Want to learn more about the Interactive Media Marketplace?

Learn more by visiting us on the Interactive Media Marketplace



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