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I served in the US Army as a welder and after which I earned a manufacturing (welding) engineering degree, I thought I was set for a long career in the automotive industry. I quickly found out having a degree does not equal job security. Two years ago, I was laid off for the fourth time and was not going back for the fifth time.

Divine intervention guided me on a journey to CrowdPoint Technologies. Now I am a MicroPreneur! What is a MicroPreneur? Well, traditional entrepreneurs are committed to the quest for growth. MicroPreneurs know they can be happy even if their companies never appear on a list of top-ranked businesses but are helping others.

What is my business? I am a digital shepherd and I provide quality products to help the Human Identity enter into the Blockchain. It's a great profession; I make money distributing and reselling something I love while safeguarding the most precious asset in all of History: The Human Identity. CrowdPoint Technologies' core values and the vision of the founder and his team put this company on a mission to change the world for the better. CrowdPoint Technologies' new paradigm-shifting Blockchain Ecosystem is creating a new digital marketplace where the consumers are King again, something that’s more and more lost nowadays.

By applying Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Compaction Technology, and the Blockchain, a new ecosystem using these disruptive technologies is at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Developed by CrowdPoint Technologies, it also protects and secures your digital ID and privacy. The value of the Human Identity cannot be overemphasized; it is our most precious asset! As a distributor, I sell high-quality products while providing an additional service for free. When my customers buy from me, I onboard them onto the Blockchain where they authorize their own digital identity made by them FOR THEM. The Blockchain powered by CrowdPoint protects, secures, and gives you control over your online identity.

Human Identity is data with a value. It is the new global currency that powers the global economy. That’s why I joined a group of amazing people to create a revolution and to give Small and Medium businesses a chance not only to survive but to THRIVE. So if you are reading this blog, would you like to set yourself free? Your personal onboarding is free with every purchase.

It’s time to take back your power from corporate greed that steals your information and makes a profit from it.

It’s time to join the Blockchain Ecosystem! Please click here to learn 



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