When I think about small businesses, I remember the times when they were all we knew.  My family used to shop at these family-owned stores. We knew the owners, and we felt cared for on a personal level. Unfortunately, big corporations like Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc., have been pushing these small family-operated firms out of business.  It is painful to see so many small stores once filled with passion dying out.  

Small businesses and startups keep our economy strong and empower our communities. Here are some valid reasons why we need to support them:

1. They create jobs for residents. This help to reduce poverty and promote wealth and financial stability in the communities because the revenue stays in the community.
2. They create opportunities for women, minorities, and immigrants.  
3. They care deeply for their customers. It s not about the sale but the needs of their customers.

One of those small companies which deserve all our support is Vikas Essentials, founded by a strong, passionate immigrant woman, Viktoria Hopperstad. Her company sells organic certified essential oils that nurture the skin, enhancing youth and beauty.  The products are pure, without artificial fragrances, and free of alcohol. They maintain all vitamins and minerals making them very rich, and unique Vikas Essentials needs our support to strive in this economy.  Our communities deserve better. Let’s stand by our small family-owned companies for a better tomorrow.  

Click here to buy Vikas Essential and support my small business: https://ecoonline.store/vikas/


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