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I am a Naturopath based in Perth Western Australia and run my own clinic which is named NaturalWay to Good Health. I recently came across an opportunity where I became a distributor selling a few selected products from a purpose-built website, which can be viewed at

This is a great add-on to my small business as it allows me to supplement my income by selling some selected products, which have been vetted for quality, on an international online marketplace. A big plus about my online store is that it is built on the Crowdpoint Vogon blockchain which ensures your personal ID is protected.

Purchasing from small micro businesses like mine results in more profits going to small business owners and less to the big multinationals. These profits, instead of lining the pockets of the multinationals resulting in the rich getting richer, are spread among many small micro business entrepreneurs around the globe, who spend money locally and so help their local community thrive, even more so if they employ extra staff members. Another big plus is that small business owner are more dedicated to the success of their business because their livelihood depends on it. I certainly, as a small business owner don’t want the hassle of dealing with customer complaints and so it is vital I sell quality products and give good customer service for me to be successful. The same would apply to all small micro business entrepreneurs, so purchasing from them gives you the confidence of knowing that you will receive good customer service and quality products.

Support my small business at:


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