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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

I am beginning this journey as a MicroPreneur in The Advanced Medicine Marketplace & Cyber Protection exchanges with CrowdPoint because I have been searching for an opportunity that would allow me to earn extra income while doing something that I truly believe in. As an acupuncturist and giant health nut, it goes without saying that I am passionate about all things health, but I also strongly believe in freedom and choice. In our current times, I believe that these three things might just be the most important areas to focus our time and energy on.

By harnessing the power and security of the Decentralized Blockchain and the Crowd (you and I), we at CrowdPoint have created something that has never before existed. We are creating a super-secure marketplace that only offers vetted health & wellness products of the highest quality that are made, distributed, and resold by a community of people committed to helping one another succeed and thrive, with the added benefit of protecting your greatest resource, i.e., your identity. This means that once you join our exchange, big corporations can no longer profit off of you without your permission, and every time you make a purchase within one of CrowdPoint’s exchanges or choose to share your information, you will receive compensation.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, we all have the freedom to choose what we share and with whom we share it, making surveillance capitalism a thing of the past. If this resonates with you, I invite you to consider joining us by clicking the link below.



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