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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

WOW! Here we are on the threshold of a new beginning; a new adventure; a new more egalitarian journey into the technology of the future. The future is always difficult enough anyway, without trying to foresee what could be or perhaps what should be. How do we choose a future?

Do you remember the past when the internet was brand spanking new and none of us even knew the lingo? What is the “web”? What is a 'login” or is it “logon”? Who is “cyber” anyway? And what does “space” have to do with it? Remember when none of us knew the purpose or usefulness of the internet? What is it good for? Who would do that? (“My parents would never do anything like that”.) Sit around all day typing on a computer? Not me! No thanks. What are you crazy?

So right now, we are again back at that point in our present. Now. It is funny how the future always arrives in the present, kicking and screaming under the rug, eluding our attention and bit by bit changing everything. There is a huge change advancing in our internet participation. Even the lingo is new: “blockchain”, “digital ecosystem”, “data compaction” “identity security”. This quiet revolution will put an end to the current surveillance capitalism approach of the monopoly tech corporations that collect ALL your data (even the sounds in your house, i.e. Siri and Alexa and the view from your front door).

CrowdPoint Technologies, a brand new Blockchain Ecosystem company is standing up a whole group of blockchain-based Exchanges that are actually owned by consumers. By building a worldwide digital distributed network blockchain marketplace there is no room for “surveillance”, nor “hackers”, nor “viruses” nor any other attackers or snoops. Being owned by the “crowd”, the data, including yours, is broken up into tiny packets, that are sent (distributed) in real-time to hundreds of servers all over the world. The most any thieves could get would be a couple of words (packets) at a time. This securitizes all your information and stops all surveillance. Your data is yours to do with what you please. (You actually could sell it for cash if you wished).

CrowdPoint Technologies plans on building 11 (so far) consumer-owned Exchanges. These markets will allow the small Micropreneurs (you and I) to compete against the Tech Giants that everyone is tired of doing business with while protecting all of our information from their prying eyes. The first Exchange, opening soon, is the Advanced Medicine Exchange. Unless you have been run over by a Mack Truck, we all know how our “healthcare” system is nothing more than a drug pusher's dream.


Sometimes you need to take drugs to cover the “side effects” of your drugs. That is not healthcare. It is illness management. This first Advanced Medicine Exchange will provide unique healthcare products vetted by a doctor, that will protect and build your immune system. Many of these products are manufactured by small artisans and are not available anywhere else. You can join in by becoming a customer, distributor, reseller, or technician. We are all part of the crowd and all of us are necessary to advance this new technology.

The second Exchange Standing is the Cyber Privacy Exchange and will offer you a complete package of security software for all your devices. This will connect you to the blockchain which will ensure your data can never be attacked. This will protect your online identity as well as keep you free of viruses, hackers, and even government snoops. In addition, your devices will be cleaned up with improved performance. No one wants to be connected to the blockchain with infected devices.

The Cyber Privacy Exchange also offers you numerous pathways to participate as a customer, Reseller, or Technician. Please connect with me to participate or just ask questions. We are dedicated to quality products and superior customer service. You too are included in the “crowd” and we look forward to your participation!

Click below to find out how you can make your own voice heard and get your piece of the "new internet" the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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