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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint


Over the past year, “destruction” has been a common theme. Destruction of businesses, of goals and dreams, of families, of lives, and years of hard work. This has been a heavy catalyst for the birth of something new.

Some have coined it the Fourth Industrial Revolution, while others have expressed a fear of change. Undeniably, something new and life-changing is afoot. The Blockchain! You may have heard of this in regards to cryptocurrencies or you might have a small handful of knowledge on the topic, but perhaps you haven’t yet seen the potential that this technology truly has.

When the term revolution is used, it implies that the subject at hand is touching pretty much every field that relates to daily life. This is exactly true for the Blockchain. It is a brand new way to facilitate all aspects of daily life, in a quicker and more efficient way. It also delegates the centralized control to the masses, for the first time, in ages.

Now, we the people will be on a level playing field and we will begin to take back our inheritance, as the world begins to spin to a new tune of abundance. I am a MicroPreneur. What is that?! Well, how about we break it down. “Micro”, meaning a smaller aspect or focus, and “Preneur”, stemming from “entrepreneur” meaning one who makes their own way.

This is a new way to be your own boss and create your own lifestyle. It is accessible to the masses, and something that can be made possible by the blockchain. In addition, this affords one the ability to work abroad and begin enjoying a better quality of life, while exploring everything that it has to offer. This allows people to connect again, in a world that has been drifting further apart every year. This provides the possibility of a new future for not just each individual, but for the world, as a whole. We will begin turning the tides of misfortune to that of abundance, for all who are willing to set their sights on the new horizon presenting itself. 


As the old generation of business, commerce, and trade dies off; a new one is being born, and it is incredibly important to jump on this moving train. It isn’t leaving the station, it already left, but it's still moving slow enough to jump on board.

My initiation into this new paradigm was through CrowdPoint Technologies! This is a company that is leading the way in identity protection and security, as well as expanding into pretty much every sector you can think of.

I am currently focusing on privacy protection and the new way of medicine being presented through The Advanced Medicine Marketplace.

I am excited to see you take the steps that I took and join me in this amazing adventure that is literally going to change your life.


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