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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

Every morning, I set the tone for what my day should be like and what I should achieve for the day. Life is truly a gift!

However, it does come with its challenges. It is like living in a jungle. The only way one can survive is to be intelligent and aware of surroundings and everything that may influence the quality of one's life.
As grateful as I am for my life, I have had challenges that helped me realize how precious it is to have good health. At the same time, I have been stressing over so many corruptions in the system. It seems we are stepping away from humanity and love while transforming this world into cold societies made of robots and machines to serve and benefit a few entities controlling the rest!

I researched and sought like-minded people to find a solution in collaboration. In the process, I connected to Crowdpoint Technologies.
A company with brilliant solutions utilizing the state-of-art technologies implemented to serve people! A company whose leaders are the servant of humanity. I studied and learned the technologies they implemented. I immediately became a MicroPreneur to represent this company for like-minded people and those who seek freedom with the hope of having a fair chance to evolve naturally and to provide a proper education for our future generations.




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