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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint

How I Became a MicroPeneur

Have you ever asked yourself why you are where you are in life at any point in time?
Certainly, I do believe we are where we are because of the choices we have made, but why have certain opportunities come your way to enable you to make choices that perhaps could or have changed your life?

From a very young age and for many years, I have suffered from various health challenges. I realized early on that allopathic medicine wasn’t working for me. I “fell” into the insurance industry where I met a co-worker who introduced me to a sound wave allergy therapist and an acupuncturist. The allergy treatments really helped, but it was the acupuncturist who encouraged me to become a nutritionist so I could go on to become a sound wave allergy therapist myself, which I did. Co-incidences?

I really resonate with helping others with their health, but as a single mother, I was too fearful to change my career and start my own business. I suffered from “paralysis by analysis”. So, I continued working my 9-5 insurance job while helping family, friends, and referrals with their allergies and other health issues.

I was researching the latest “vaccine” in 2020 when I “fell” upon Advanced Medicine with Dr. Buttar. In early 2021 he announced an opportunity with CrowdPoint and The Advanced Medicine Marketplace. More co-incidences? I believe not. I believe my life has offered opportunities all along the way for which I made choices that lead me here today. There is a saying:

“No opportunity will pass you by that was meant for you”

I am now a MicroPreneur, someone who sells small and medium-sized business products. While traditional entrepreneurs are motivated by growth, MicroPreneurs build for others. I am part of a global team that supports and helps each other and I would like to help you. With your purchase here, you are automatically onboarded to the CrowdPoint Blockchain Ecosystem where your identity and data are protected, unlike other online stores today where everyone’s data is stolen and sold.

Bottom line, I am here today and so are you. Co-incidence? Don’t let an opportunity pass you by that was meant for you! Click the link below and you will see for yourself.

Wishing you optimal health and happiness,



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