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Why I Joined The Blockchain Ecosystem Powered by CrowdPoint


Have you ever heard about Advanced Medicine Marketplace and how the products and services available there can benefit you and enhance the quality of your life?

Hi! My name is Yuri and let me tell you why I came to The Advanced Medicine Marketplace platform build by CrowdPoint Technologies. Be able to control who is accessing your information is the key to fighting Surveillance Capitalism. Our Online data and Identities are being sold, stolen, hacked, compromised, and misused. Therefore, the protection of your Online Identity - resonated with me.

For the first time in history, instead of giving it out to Big Tech for free, we can control it. CrowdPoint becomes a Trusted Agent in an Untrusted World. Once I saw the opportunity to build a small online business and become a MicroPreneur, I didn't miss it!

So I've joined a group of like-minded amazing people to power this New Industrial Revolution and help Small entrepreneurs thrive! Becoming a Distributor on this platform built by CrowdPoint Technologies, was the next step.

The Advanced Medicine Marketplace is a part of a newly emerging Decentralized Economy powered by Protected Human Identity, fueled by Big Data Analytics, Data Compaction, and Artificial Intelligence built on the Blockchain.

Blockchain_Ecosystem_Mobile_CrowdPointStill, sound too complicated? No worries! Getting educated in the most promising technologies that level the playing field for all market participants and taking part in the forthcoming Fourth industrial Revolution can become a reality.

There is a lot of buzz around the fancy word Blockchain. Some people heard it in the context of CryptoCurrencies when only a handful are knowledgeable about the concept of Decentralized ledger, built on the Blockchain, embedded with Smart Contracts, and the mind-boggling potentials for all of us. The face of our Economy would be changed forever and for good. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!.

Are you interested in the potential opportunities of the new gig economy? Looking to create a new source of income and help other people to prosper and thrive? Become a Technician, Reseller, or Distributor.

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