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The magic of sleep is essentially 3 fold and it all has to do with matching our natural circadian rhythm. Things that affect this rhythm most often are a non-routine schedule, (going to bed at different times each night), lack of MORNING exercise (as this will naturally reduce cortisol levels (the absolute enemy of sleep), and hormonal/ nutraceutical imbalance. Women with Estrogen dominance cannot sleep because Progesterone is masked and keeps them awake (in a more conscious state) the same is true for men with testosterone(there are natural ways to address both of these). Secondly, Vitamin D-3 (specifically cholecalciferol) regulates our Alpha wave (deep sleep). I have never had a single patient in the clinic with low D3 tell me that they slept well. Not once. The truth is that most of us are not getting ENOUGH sunlight. Finally, the regulation of our initial sleep is highly dependent on Theanine/Magnesium/Melatonin. These are all very safe, natural metabolites that break down very easily in the biome and can be supplemented to help push us into that initial state of deep sleep!


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