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Working and shopping online have made us more vulnerable to digital attacks. Over the last year, I myself have had two scares. My first was a security breach warning that popped up on my screen, and wouldn’t go away. The second was an extortion letter claiming unauthorized access to all my passwords. It took three days for my antivirus software company to respond.  Had these been real threats, the slow response would give the attacker more time to steal my personal information.

Current digital security threats show that the increasing use of AI, bots and hacking tools available on the dark web has made antivirus software outdated long ago.  Therefore, I have become a passionate pursuer of real digital data protection to the point of becoming a tech retailer on the Cyber Privacy Marketplace where I share the most advanced cyber security solutions with businesses and individuals.

50% of SMBs have experienced a cyberattack at least once a year. According to Security Intelligence, the cost for an SMB to recover after a cyberattack is on average $955, 429 dollars. This is in addition to the lost revenue during the downtime. No wonder after a successful attack, 60% of SMBs dissolve.

It is important to support small businesses by purchasing their products, and it is paramount that we protect small businesses from cyberattacks. SMBs create 64% of all jobs, deliver individualized products and services to our communities, protect local environments, and foster a culture of responsibility. A cyberattack on a small business steals money, and intellectual property, and exposes the personal information of our neighbors. A cyberattack on a small business affects the whole community.

The enterprise-level VRAI technology software I offer on my website delivers true cyber protection of all devices within the perimeter of a router. It prevents any known and yet unknown cyber threats from being installed on any device in the network. Since almost all attacks happen by downloading malware from an unsolicited e-mail, this is the most valuable feature. The software is effective, affordable, and easy to download. It solves the top pain point of SMBs of not being able to find a qualified IT person for reliable cyber defense.

As digital security and personal safety are now intertwined, cyber protection is essential for everyone. Get the best.

Visit my small business Your family and your business are worth it.


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