In short..... more and more VULNERABILITIES.... and many you may not even be aware of! 

The ‘IoT’ - Internet of Things on the surface seems ‘cool’ ..... however, what is ‘lurking’ beneath that ‘coolness’?

From Home security you can operate from your wrist watch to the ice machine you can operate remotely or the laundry that can be managed without being home, fast-paced technological growth that offers such ‘amenities and conveniences’ bring along many layers of vulnerability for ‘peeping toms’ to come ‘look’. These tech-savvy individuals hack into the ‘windows’ smart devices open. 

Large companies spend millions to protect their smart networks from these criminals, but where does that leave the small businesses and homeowners....affording such protection has not been available, so they have just ‘accepted the risks’ and went about functioning with the belief ‘There is nothing I can do about it'... 

Well..... that has now changed. YOU the homeowner, the small and medium business owner can now have ENTERPRISE LEVEL Cyber Protection with this Revolutionary Worlds First Cyber Protection Provider that is in front of the ‘window’ protecting the entry point, not after the ‘window’ is already open! 


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