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Mia Bella Vita is really about providing products, ideas, and opportunities to create YOUR Beautiful Life! I am so grateful for my beautiful life and I have a passion for creating opportunities and providing access to the things that will contribute to your beautiful life! Most of us would agree that a beautiful life begins with a healthy mindset, a healthy body, and a purposeful and fruitful lifestyle, and expands from there with unlimited possibilities. I am increasingly delighted to see the many brilliant, beautiful, effective products and ideas that are created by people like you and me all over the world!  We are designed to create, and to delight in the creativity of others!   

There is so much standardization within the large stores, hotels, and even restaurants. Wherever we go, they will reflect the same design template. Most of us are familiar with the “Illusion of Choice Wheel.” It depicts the hundreds of brand names that we are all familiar with in a circular design. Around the circumference of the circle are the 11 conglomerates that own those brands that are really controlled by 3 major entities. This is why it is called the “Illusion of Choice.”  

Where we spend our money supports the values and agendas of those entities, and deprives the small business owners of the opportunity to create a thriving business and beautiful life for their families. When we support small businesses, we are nurturing the growth of a healthy, egalitarian economic ecosystem. Small business owners and their families can now put more money into the economy and the healthy cycle of economic life continues. Mia Bella Vita is my creation and contribution to this egalitarian model that facilitates a beautiful life for all! 

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