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Hey! My name is Cheryl, small business owner on the Advanced Medicine Marketplace powered by blockchain technology.

According to the small business association (SBA), the United States is home to 28.8 million small businesses, which account for 99.7% of all US businesses. Small and Independent businesses undoubtedly played an integral part in spearheading the fast-paced growth of the country, boosting the economy, and creating jobs. They are the bedrock for our communities.

Today! The existing traditional model is working only for a “few”. We need to create a level playing field where the “small guy” can get access to resources and opportunities to compete and win against the “big giants”.

The advanced medicine marketplace powered by blockchain technology has given me an opportunity as a small business owner to sell top-quality health and wellness products that will optimize your health. These products are unique and different, they were carefully vetted for safety and security.

Kepro is a new ground-breaking kefir-based probiotic supplement that supports optimal gut health. It is packed with natural nutrients and fiber. Rich in calcium and vitamin K and benefits bone health, could have anti-cancer properties, and cognitive functions. It is made with 100% natural organic components. No added sugar, no gluten, no artificial hormones, high in healthy oils and fats which help combat hunger and cravings.

KePro benefits customers with hormone imbalances, candida overgrowth, menstrual cramps, digestive issues, stomach ulcers, natural detoxification, and irritable bowel syndrome. Remember when we support small and independent businesses we are contributing greatly to our communities.

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