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The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to be a game-changing moment for the digital world. We can now automate and control pretty much everything in our homes – from lighting and HVAC systems to lockable doors. But as we increasingly connect our home to the Internet, what should be simple benefits like remote access become potential security concerns. A new wave of connected devices means that hackers will have plenty of new entry points into our digital lives.

IoT Remote Access

Remote access means being able to access your home devices from a distance. Devices that are capable of remote access often require some form of authentication. This is essentially a means of identifying yourself to the device, so that it knows it’s you accessing it. Remote access can be made more secure by requiring a password or PIN code to be entered before access is granted. It’s important to consider which devices you want to give access to, and what level of access they will have.

IoT Data Storage Concerns

Many devices that connect to the Internet are designed to store data locally. Some devices will send data to the cloud. If a device stores data locally, it will be available to you as its user. However, if a device stores data remotely, it’s important to consider where that data is being sent and how secure the destination location is.


The Internet of Things is a vast and growing network of connected devices, from large household appliances to fitness trackers and smartwatches. With an increase in the number of devices that are Internet-enabled, there is also an increase in the number of security concerns. Remote access can be beneficial, but be careful to protect the information that is sent over the network.

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