No one can truly understand the horror of war unless they have lived through it. And even then, it is difficult to put into words the terror and devastation that war brings.

Sweet Peace is a moving collection of international classical songs that captures some of the emotions felt by those affected by war. The texts of this album span five previous centuries, yet the emotions expressed are entirely of our time: the joy of those reunited with loved ones at war's end, the anguish of a soldier's widow; an individual's desperate yearning for inner peace and the relief of one whom it has visited. '....sweet peace and consoling peace, that places a cool kiss upon all scars..., that descends upon the weary...' Georges Boutelleau.

Will our human nature ever evolve to keep pace with our technical ability to destroy one another? Perhaps it is our priority. We need to work towards peace in our own hearts and minds first, and then extend that outward to our families and communities. Only when we have achieved peace within ourselves can we hope to achieve it in the world around us. So, sit back, relax, and let Sweet Peace transport you to a place of calm and contentment.


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