For thirty years, the twin towers of the World Trade Center soared above the New York City skyline, eventually becoming one of the most conspicuous symbolic structures in the world. They appeared in hundreds of films, from Godspell and Death Wish to Trading Places, Ghostbusters and The Usual Suspects.

The politicians, architects and engineers who developed the towers sought to imbue them with a powerful visual presence. While they stood, they captured the imagination of the world with their enigmatic symbolism. In their dramatic destruction, they became icons of a history that is still being written. The loss of the World Trade Center was deeply felt by people around the globe, many of whom had never set foot in New York City. In the days and weeks after the attacks, impromptu memorials sprang up in cities large and small as people sought to express their grief and solidarity with the victims and their families. In film and television, tributes took many forms, from re-enactments of news footage to fictional stories about how ordinary people coped with loss in the aftermath of tragedy.

The attacks on September 11th left an indelible mark on our collective memory, one that will continue to be explored for years to come.

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