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Big corporations have become indoctrinated into thinking profit is everything, even more than the customer. They focus on their stockholders and investors over anything else. They have to keep growing and making more and more profit to feed the stockholders and investors. What big corporations forget is, that it's the consumer that, they should be focusing on. 

Once the customer moves on, the stockholders and investors will suck every last dollar out and move on to the next investment and it all starts again. 

I love to support small and medium-sized businesses as they know the customer, and dictate how well their company will do, now and in the future of their business. The small business knows the customer is key and the customer experience and quality of the product will bring them back and bring recommendations. Expansion and bringing in new technologies is good if it's for improving the business to accommodate more customers, but when expansion is for profit, cheaper ingredients or components, in time companies will lose, in the end. Customers can see very quickly when profit takes over and the consumer starts to drop down the ladder of priority, and when they reach the ground, they walk away. 

I chose Elderpower as my first product supplier on my website because Elderpower was conceived out of love. To help a family member, who had health issues. The product is made to a high standard. All ingredients are sourced locally as much as possible. Supporting other small businesses in the area. They do not compromise on quality. They produce their products as if their customers are family and only the best is good enough. 

They wanted to use the best ingredients, to make the best product for their customers and I'm proud to have them as my first supplier on my website


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